Skin care regimens for concrete results


Advanced skin care solutions based on active ingredients


In-house research and development at the service of beauty
HL is a professional skincare brand offering an extensive variety of treatment solutions

that include, rejuvenation, rehabilitation, anti aging, illuminating, balancing for oily skin and problem prone skin, sun protection line and a rich portfolio of at home treatment products.

HL products are marketed and sold exclusively by certified aestheticians, beauty salons, spas and hotel resorts. Founded in 1984, HL owns in-house, innovative R&D laboratories and stat-of-the-art GMP compliant production plant adhering to the highest environmental practices. The experience accumulated over the years in the development and manufacturing of cosmetic products along with a meticulous manufacturing process and high quality clinically tested ingredients provides customers with long lasting results and healthy, balanced beautiful skin.

HL's slogan "Always Active" reflects the essence of the brand, cosmetic products based on high concentrated active ingredients, which provide concrete results as well as an active brand constantly strives to bring innovative and effective solutions.