About HL

The HL brand was created about four decades ago as a leading brand in a Pharma-Cosmetics company that was established by the late Zvi Dekel. Already in its early years, the brand has raised the banner of striving for constant professionalism and renewal.  Now, the company is listed among the most advanced labs in the world for developing and producing professional cosmetics products and is exporting products to markets all over the world. 

The knowledge and experience that have been gathered during these decades have led to the development and creation of a very wide range of innovative and forward-looking solutions that are suited to specific skin conditions and guarantee impressive results, thereby repairing and clearly improving the skin’s appearance.  Because of all that, also as a result of the uncompromising reliability and professionalism, thanks to professional training, knowledge and practical experience that HL’s training staff provides, the company is highly valued among beauty therapists and beauty salons from across the globe. 

The science behind the development

The development of HL’s unique formulas is being conducted exclusively in-house and is based on applying the most advanced and updated scientific studies and knowledge in the industry, on innovative technologies and active ingredients that were clinically tested and studied.

In the research and development processes, special emphasis is drawn to the safety of the products, their quality and effectiveness. 

The motto “Always Active” is consistent with the company’s brand and reflects its character:  Products based on active raw materials that provide real results. And in conjunction, a constant active pursuit to reach innovative and effective solutions. 


The production plant

HL products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art and innovative production facility under the brand’s ownership.  Based on HL’s high and uncompromising standards, the company’s plant operates under international standards for skin health and global quality, meeting GMP production standard and ISO 9001 quality standard, which is based on the strict European standard ISO 22716 that defines the rules for cosmetics production in appropriate conditions. 

The production processes undergo stringent quality testing, as the company’s QA department conducts rigorous tests and QAs throughout the production process. Chemists and pharmacists who have the education and experience in the industry are entrusted with HL’s research and development process, who are constantly striving to develop advanced formulas and improve the existing ones. 

The company’s capacities in research and development provide a wide range of possibilities, from matching existing products to various markets to developing unique products for targeted clients. 


HL’s innovative technologies

In addition to developing the formulas, HL is focused on the development of groundbreaking technologies and forward-looking patents, which can optimize cosmetic treatment and achieve effective and long-lasting results.  One of which, for example, is the millicapsule technology that HL’s serums are based on.  The purpose of the encapsulation technology, developed in HL labs, is to “package” the active ingredient in millicapsultes and protect it against oxidization processes.

That way, the active ingredient is best stored and penetrates the skin in an optimal manner.  The process guarantees a controlled and effective release of the active ingredient, while obtaining a uniform layer on the skin. 

Another example is the Juvelast range, which acts to rehabilitate and nourish dry skin.  This unique range is based on the company’s unique patents – DNA CoFactor, which was tested and proven in clinical trials as especially effective for improving skin texture and reducing wrinkle depth.  The products range contains a copper-peptide complex, DNA-repair enzymes, ceramides, butter and hyaluronic acid that work to increase skin moisture and nourishment.


Our guiding vision and values

From the beginning in 1984 to this day, as HL became a leading professional brand that sells professional skin-care products all over the world, our guiding vision is to allow men and women to enjoy healthy, young and beautiful skin.  The company’s products reflect the nature of that vision – advanced formulas that provide real results and enable personalized skin treatments that lead to major, visible and long-lasting results. 

HL’s vision is our driving force for constant innovation, the use of unique and active raw materials, for maintaining corporate sustainability and liability, and for developing and enhancing professional human resources by instilling practical knowledge and experience in beauty therapists and distributors from all over the world.


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Satisfied customers share their experience

  • Lihi Srgani
    Lihi Srgani

    From an early age, I suffered from acne and HL has both the best products and the best cosmetician for this. I use their products every day and wherever I go. I’m very thankful for the amazing team that took care of me.

  • Noa Porat
    Noa Porat

    I love HL’s  SUNBRELLA sun protection, I take it everywhere I go and it is always in my make up bag. It moisturizes and gives a perfect shade of demi make up that fits both summer and winter.


  • Ariela Beery
    Ariela Beery

    I have been suffering for years from sensitive and reddish skin, nothing from all the products that I used in the past helped me, only when I started to use the CALM DERM line from HL I saw that my skin condition improved.



  • Liora Katz
    Liora Katz

    Over 3 years I have been suffering from skin allergies, from the first day I started using BIO REPAIR DAY CARE , my skin responded great, no allergies, wounds, itching, or redness.

  • Gal Elbaz
    Gal Elbaz

    Recently my cosmetologist gave me the RENEW FORMULA MAGIC DROPS & HYDRO SOFT CREAM to try, and since then my skin feels great, radiant, and healthy.



  • Israel Ben Yakar
    Israel Ben Yakar

    Recently I started to use products from the B FIRST line for men. Usually, my skin is very red and sensitive after shaving, but now when I put the SERUM & the AFTER SHAVE BALM, my skin calms down.

  • Tali Nachum
    Tali Nachum

    I use the products from HL’s Vitalise line. The products contain Hyaluronic Acid and this is a real addiction. My skin feels amazing and overall looks healthy and glowing.

  • Oksana Nirenberg
    Oksana Nirenberg

    I am using the Serum & the Moisturizing Cream from the Vitalise line. The products are containing all the vitamins I need and I get a lot of compliments about how my skin looks.



  • Sharon Cohen
    Sharon Cohen

    I have been using HL’s products for years and I am very pleased. I use the products from the PERFECT TIME line, the creams are pleasant, non-greasy, absorb fast and give the skin a great look.

  • Vered Koza
    Vered Koza

    Happy to share a serious skin pigmentation problem that I had for years, It was only through the excellent HL’s products that I was able to overcome the problem.  So don’t think twice and try their products!

  • Orly Levi
    Orly Levi

    I have been using HL products for a long time and recently purchased the Hydration kit from VITALISE line and some products from the PERFECT TIME line. I highly recommend their combination.


  • Ronit Ovadia
    Ronit Ovadia

    Every winter I do a cosmetic scrub with an HL cosmetician and the results are amazing! Almost all the post-acne scars have disappeared and the skin looks smoother and is glowing more than ever. Highly recommended. 

  • Hagit Buchnik
    Hagit Buchnik

    Since I started using HL products, especially the JUVELAST line and the CC cream, my skin looks healthier and more hydrated, the wrinkles also shrunk significantly and the best things is that I don’t need to use makeup anymore!

  • Elad Uzeri
    Elad Uzeri

    My whole life I have been suffering from oily skin and ever since I started using HL’s ALPHA BETA Prepping Lotion on a daily basis, my skin is smooth, balanced, and is looking much healthier.

  • Hila Dvir
    Hila Dvir

    I have been using HL products for 10 years, and as a spa manager, I went to visit the HL factory and was very impressed by the professionalism and effectiveness of the materials.

  • Lior Cohen
    Lior Cohen

    From an early age I suffered from acne and it really bothered me. With the help of HL DOUBLE ACTION line and regular facial treatments from a cosmetologist, my skin is perfect now. Thank you HL.

  • Nimrod Goren
    Nimrod Goren

    Thanks to my excellent cosmetician that started to work with HL’s ACNOX line and created the right treatment for me, I saw results very fast and now my skin is in a great shape.

  • Ravit Hadar
    Ravit Hadar

    About two years ago, I started using HL products and the results are amazing. My skin is shiny, essential and my pigmentation have brightened significantly.

  • Shanit Chen
    Shanit Chen

    Since I started using the amazing HL products for the pigmentation that I suffered from for years, my skin is glowing, clean, and healthy and most importantly the pigmentation is gone!