HL is a professional cosmetics company offering a wide range of treatments for the face and body, while providing solutions for most skin types and conditions. The various product lines include treatment series for use by professionals at cosmetics institutes and treatment series for home use. HL products are marketed and sold by aestheticians, day spas, beauty clinics, spa chains and hotels.

Since its establishment thirty years ago, HL's credo has been to strive for professionalism and constant innovation. The experience and know-how the company has accumulated over the years by developing and manufacturing products, as well as marketing them worldwide, are reflected in the brand’s multitude of products and their effectiveness. Formulas are developed based on scientific research and clinically researched and tested components, with an emphasis on product safety, quality and benefits. The meticulous production processes take place in a state-of-the-art plant, using active ingredients of the highest-quality while maintaining environmental awareness and responsibility.

As a leading brand of professional skincare, the unique HL products have gained preference among professionals as a result of the brand's perception of high quality and effective formulations as well as thanks to the professional training programs, knowledge and practical experience transmitted through HL accredited professionals.

The "Always Active" slogan accompanies our brand logo and is a reflection of our essential approach: products that are based on active ingredients and provide visible results and a constant commitment to the creation of innovative, effective solutions. 

Training center and showroom

Expansive know-how, as well as practical and professional experience, is the basis for our operations and for the relationships and dialog that exist between the professionals and their customers. We at HL believe that instilling knowhow and experience in our customers is our duty. Accordingly, we regularly hold professional training seminars and various courses, starting with the introduction to HL product portfolio and treatment philosophy, comprehensive studies of the skin structure and needs as well as to advanced marketing courses.


HL professional skincare products are distributed exclusively by skincare therapists and appointed official distributors.

Vision & Values

As a leading professional brand marketed around the world, our guiding vision is the development of products that provide real results and quality of life to our customers.

  • Through constant innovation aimed at developing advanced cosmetic products based on active ingredients.
  • Through the professional development and enrichment of human resources, by providing know-how and practical experience to cosmeticians.



  • Professionalism and innovation
  • Quality and a rich variety of advanced treatment solutions
  • Concrete results
  • Reliability and integrity

Boutique production facility and R&D labs

HL’s state-of-the-art production plant manufactures all company products in compliance with GMP production standards and the ISO 9001 quality standard. The production processes at the plant are controlled and supervised at all times by the QA department, which performs inspections and quality control at all stages of the production process.

The HL research and development laboratories employ experienced chemists and pharmacists with relevant experience and training, who are entrusted with developing advanced formulas and constantly improving existing formulas. The company's R&D capabilities enable HL to offer a rich variety of options, including product customization according to the market requirements as well as the development of products designed especially for the target audience.

Community awareness

We at HL believe in the importance of an active participation and contribution to the community, we allocate organizational resources along with financial resources to community programs and projects on an ongoing basis throughout the year. 

Environmental responsibility

Global warming and concern for the environment are paramount to HL, therefore we aim to provide high quality, effective cosmetic products while maintaining environmental responsibility. The company collaborates with waste managing organizations and supports the process waste collection and recycling.