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Objective: Rejuvenate, repair damage caused by intrinsic and extrinsic aging, reduce depth of wrinkles and fine lines, and significantly improve skin's texture and firmness

Our skin is a barrier between the body and external elements, and plays a significant biological role in protecting the body from damage caused by exposure to the environment, such as sun radiation, environmental pollutants, bacteria and viruses, dehydration and more. This means that the skin absorbs many of these harmful effects and over time, the damage is reflected in the appearance and texture of the skin. The skin becomes dry, loses its moisture and glow, gradually becoming dull and lifeless. The accumulative damage to collagen and elastin fibers makes skin less supple and wrinkles begin to appear. Damage inflicted by the sun causes changes to dispersion of the melanin pigment resulting in dark spots on the skin.

HL Cosmetics Labs Rejuvenating treatment series: ALPHA-BETA WITH RETINOL, ALPHA COMPLEX, PEELS