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Objective: Provide a unique solution for male skin designed to reduce depth of fine lines and wrinkles, slow down the aging process and moisturize the skin

There are several significant differences between male and female skin, including anatomical structure and skin tissue, which impact the skin's appearance, the aging process and various other phenomena. Men's faces are structured differently than women's faces. They are squarer, with a larger, heavier jawline and a greater mass of facial expression muscles than in women. Masculine skin texture is different as well. Their dermis layer is thicker and contains more collagen and less elastin. Also, male skin has many more hair follicles and larger sebaceous glands, therefore is more prone to dilated pores, excess sebum and pimples. The aging process is slower in male skin however, due to the anatomical characteristics deeper wrinkles are visible in male facial skin compared to female in the same age group. The daily shaving ritual also impacts the facial skin, as shaving reduces the natural layer of oil secreted by the skin, removes the upper layer of skin cells which offer protection and triggers sensitivity, redness and rashes.

HL For Men treatment series: BE FIRST