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Acceptance of Terms

The use of this website, www.hl-labs.com (hereinafter: “the website”) by you, the end-user (hereinafter: “the end-user”) through the registration to the website and/or opening  an account on the website or placing an order on the website’s shop, constitute, each and every one, an agreement to the following Terms of Use, which were determined by Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd., company registration number 510994874, located at 4 Nirim Street, Tel-Aviv (hereinafter:  “Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd.”). In case you do not agree to the following Terms of Use (hereinafter: “Terms of Use”), you must refrain from using the website. Each individual who performs an action on the website thereby declares that he is aware of, and accepts, the Terms of Use, and that there will be no complaint or demand or claim by him or anyone on his behalf against Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd., the website, its owners, managers, directors and officers at Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd., their agents, their principals, or anyone on their behalf, except for complaints related to the breach of Pharma Cosmetic Labratories Ltd.’s obligations according to the following Terms of Use. Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd. reserves the right to change the Terms of Use from time to time, according to its sole discretion, however, any change in the Terms of Use will only apply to products or services acquired after the said change. The Terms of Use are phrased in masculine form for convenience purposes only, but they apply for both men and women.


The website is operated by Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd. and provides electronic commerce services and the performance of online transactions on the Internet in the field of professional cosmetics.


Registration to the Website
Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd. reserves the right to decline the access of any end-user to the website according to its sole discretion.

The registration to the website, including the creation of the username and the password, is personal and non-transferable, with or without consideration.

The end-user it obligated to personally secure the password received from the website. The end-user is fully responsible for every action performed out of his account. Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd. will not be responsible for any damages caused by a break into the account caused by the end-user’s negligence in safeguarding his password.

The end-user hereby declares that he has the legal capacity determined by the law to use this website and to commit to contracts (buying or selling) according to the law. It is hereby clarified that the use of the website by minors is subject to the approval of their parents or legal guardians. As long as the end-user is under the age of 18, he is required to ask for his parents’ or legal guardian’s permission before using the website, and when the end-user uses the website, he declares to Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd. that he has received the said permission — after his parents or legal guardians have read the Terms of Use thoroughly. The responsibility for using, and for supervising the viewing and using the website belongs solely to the end-user, his parents or legal guardians, and the end-user hereby exempts Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd. from any responsibility in this matter.

The prices displayed in all the forms of sales include VAT, according to the law, unless it is explicitly stated otherwise.

A purchase which has been authorized constitutes a purchase that entails the payment of the whole sum which has been offered for the purchase by the place of business.


Intellectual Property
The website is the sole property of Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd., who owns the copyrights, trademarks and all of the intellectual property on the website. Any copying, distributing, transmitting, publishing, transferring, the creation of derivative work, the creation of links, exploitation or damage of Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd.’s copyrights, in any manner, in their entirety or partially, without receiving in advance the written permission of Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd. is strictly prohibited. Any violation of the mentioned in this clause, may lead to the violation of intellectual property rights, in a manner which may impose criminal or civil penalties or fines on the violator.


The clause titles are for convenience and orientation purposes only, and will not be used to interpret the agreement.

Every right or remedy of Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd. according to the Terms of Use will not diminish any other right or remedy that Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd. is entitled to according to the law.

These Terms of Use do not constitute a third-party contract and do not grant any rights to any third-party of any kind.

No waiver, failure to act or granted extension provided by Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd. will be considered as a waiver of its rights according to the Terms of Use or to the law, and will not constitute a precedent for any other case, and will not damage Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd.’s right to exercise its rights at any given time, nor will any claim be heard regarding the waiver or suspension of its rights.

The law which applies to the actions on the website and the Terms of Use is the Israeli law solely. The specific and sole jurisdiction for discussing of any claim or demand which might be submitted regarding these Terms of Use shall be of the competent court in Tel Aviv – Yafo.

The invalidity of one or more of the clauses of the Terms of Use will not influence the validity of the Terms of Use in general. An invalid or unenforceable condition will be replaced by a valid condition which will be closest to the replaced condition, to the extent possible by law.

Messages to Pharma Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd. will be delivered via email as specified on the website or to the address listed above on the Terms of Use. A message will be considered as delivered after 24 hours following the sending of the email as said, except for when the end-user receives an alert that the email address is invalid.