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Recent years, a constant rise in the use of skincare and beauty products has been recorded in Vietnam. According to the estimations, this upsurge is expected to continue, influenced by the growing purchasing power in the country.

30% of the women who use skincare products do it on a daily basis. At the same time, the number of women who do not use skincare products at all has decreased from 24% in 2016 to 14% in 2019.

Following the growing skincare trend in Vietnam, and in search of professional and innovative sources of information, the two top skin care bloggers in Vietnam, Primmy Truong and Hannah Nguyen, visited Israel. They came in order to become acquainted with the most respected cosmetic brands in Israel and in the world. As part of the Israel Export Institute’s project, they visited our training center in Tel Aviv, learned about HL’s unique treatment methods and various treatment lines. They were welcomed by our trainers and received luxurious facials with HL’s leading products.


Here are a few hot skin care trends in Vietnam worth knowing:

  1. The leading products used in Vietnam are cleansing products, sunscreens and face masks, followed by moisturizers, serums and eye creams.
  2. Out of all the cosmetic products, the greatest increase has been in the use of antiaging products, due to the growing consumer awareness to this field.
  3. The Vietnamese are meticulous about their nutrition and the consumption of dietary supplements, which facilitate the achievement of healthy, glowing skin from within. This trend is based on a broader vision of the field of health and life quality in general, resulting from a holistic approach. As part of this approach, the consumers are more aware of treatments that assist by way of prevention. Specifically, the tendency to return to the traditional medicine has been recorded in Eastern Asia. Experts in the field estimate that this trend will continue to grow.
  4. The marketing of products for men has increased significantly—while in the past, the male care routine mainly consisted of using aftershave and deodorant, many men today assume a care routine that includes the daily use of moisturizers and serums, peels and facial masks. Furthermore, men have also started to frequently visit cosmetic salons in order to receive professional facials. This tendency has taken the lead as a global trend for several years, and in the past two years, it seems to have also increased in Eastern Asia.