Incorrect use of cosmetic products

The incorrect choice of cosmetic products may cause various problems in the skin, such as cosmetic acne, inflammation and accelerated skin aging. The changes that take place in the skin over time make both women as well as men more aware of the visible signs of aging, encouraging them to try to restore a youthful glow at any cost. This urge intensifies with the temptations presented in cosmetic ads causing many customers, particularly women, to try any new product, serums, masks or creams that appear on the shelves in drugstores and department stores, that  promise restored youth and smooth, firm and radiant complexion. Every time, there is the renewed expectation that the very next cosmetic product is what will make the change, the revolution. In truth, very often, the incorrect choice of cosmetic products straight off the shelf as well as the incorrect application may do more harm than good.

What aesthetic problems can be caused as a result of the incorrect choice and of cosmetic products?

One of the common problems caused by the incorrect use of cosmetic products is “cosmetic acne”. Cosmetic acne, a term to that describes the appearance of small bumps on the face that look exactly like acne, except their cause. While during puberty breakouts are caused by genetic tendencies, excessive sebum secretion, and defective keratinization of the skin or secondary bacterial infection, cosmetic acne is triggered by the incorrect use of skincare products. In recent years more and more women suffer from this, most of them well into their thirties and some even in their forties. Even though some of these women have never suffered from acne in adolescence, and those who did have acne during puberty the problem has long since disappeared, they now manifest breakouts. Many clients report they spend large sums of money on purchasing innovative cosmetic products in drugstores in order to slow the skin's aging process; but it turns out that this is what causes the problem. Another example is the incorrect choice and application of eye contour creams. The delicate skin around the eye area is very sensitive hence it requires special care. A good eye cream is necessary for an effective regimen to replenish, prevent the premature appearance of expression lines and maintain a youthful aspect.

Many times customers are not aware that the products purchased off-the-shelf are not suitable for their skin type, condition and in respect to their lifestyle. Moreover, they may not be aware if the formulation is too active for their complexion or if it contains ingredients that can act as irritants and may cause inflammation of the skin, accelerate the skin's aging, disrupt the natural renewal of the skin as well as biological processes such as sebum secretion.

Drugstore versus professional cosmetic products

Customized skin care regimens based on the right cosmetic products that are recommended according to the skin type, condition and lifestyle, along with accurate training on the proper use of the products, are the field of expertise of licensed aestheticians. This is one of the most important differences between the purchase of cosmetic products off-the-shelf in a drugstore and purchasing from a professional beauty therapist following a skin consultation that will target the skin’s specific needs and determine the desired skincare goals. The aesthetician has the knowledge, training and understanding of the active ingredients and how they complement each other, how to combine products correctly and for whom they are best suited.

Customizing a unique skincare regimen for each individual will help ensure that it is safe and will deliver optimal results.