Vitamin A – repairs skin damage and reduces wrinkles

In a study published in the medical journal Archives of Dermatology, it was found that creams containing Vitamin A can diminish fine lines. In the study the subjects with an average age of 87, applied to the inner side of the arm a moisturizer cream containing vitamin A in concentration of 0.4 percent anda moisturizer cream without vitamin A. After 24 weeks the researchers analyzed biopsy samples of the women’s skin and found significant differences in the depth of the wrinkles between the side treated with the cream and the untreated side.


Vitamin A is an oil-soluble vitamin, and one of the most powerful antioxidants in our bodies. This vitamin is vital for cell classification, helps the immune system fight infection, and keeps the skin soft and smooth. Vitamin A, or more accurately Retin A, which is a derivative of the vitamin, has been proven in studies to possess the ability to repair cumulative skin damage that appears following exposure to the sun and to smooth wrinkles as well as expression lines, to increase both skin tone and firmness. In addition, it has been found that topical application of Vitamin A improves the condition of acne prone skin.

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