HL Annual Convention




On September 9, 2019 we held an annual convention to meet our most important target audience—the cosmeticians.

The convention was held at the luxurious Ocean Events Center in Tel Aviv. Over 300 cosmeticians, from all over Israel and many national distributors centers also attended.

The convention’s slogan was “Your Formula for Success for 35 Years” as this date also represents the 35th anniversary of Pharma Cosmetics foundation.

The main theme of the convention was the launch of CALM DERM line, which received the Ministry of Health’s approval for suitable products for sensitive skin.

The convention offered a combination of professional and business contents, along with amusing activities the invitees participated in.

Dr. Marina Landau, a dermatology specialist, gave a lecture about the treatment approach to common skin diseases, and also about the holistic approach to skin aging, as well as on the ways of treating it. Dr. Landau emphasized the importance of cosmetic treatments and the domestic skincare routine, in conjunction with medication administered by application, and also elaborated on the topic of skin aging while referring to photoaging and biological aging.

Mira Bartfeld and Ilana Ben Shirit conducted a training session that included a complete treatment protocol for the CALM DERM line. The session was filmed and screened at the event hall for the participant's convenience. They focused on the line’s products and described their benefits, and also enriched the audience with information about HL’s various peeling products—both for treatment at the salon and for domestic care.

After an especially lavish lunch, Nir Duvdevani, one of the most proclaimed mentors for the maximization of sales and business optimization in Israel, came up to the stage. Duvdevani spoke to the audience about the winning combination between consciousness, method and practice and having personal and business success, enriched the audience with practical tools for success, encouraged them to ask questions and even come up to the stage to perform practical simulations.

We would like to thank all of the cosmeticians, national distributors and the guests from abroad who came especially for the convention. It was very heartwarming to meet everyone. See you at the next convention!