Protecting the skin during ski holidays


When getting ready for the next ski vacation it is important to pack not only the ski equipment and warm clothes but also the skin care products that will help us maintain a healthy and beautiful complexion when on the slopes. The high altitude, low temperature, wind and sun all take a toll on the skin and it is important to keep in mind the 3 things essential for a beautiful complexion.

Broad spectrum sun protection

On the high mountain peaks the effect of UV radiation is more intense. This is due to the fact that at great height, the strength of UVA rays is more acute; even though UVA radiation is present all across the atmosphere, its strength increases as one goes higher in altitude.
UVA rays are the main cause of premature skin aging, because unlike UVB rays, can penetrate deeper into the dermis where they change the expression of certain genes and cause damage to the DNA of skin cells and the creation of pro-inflammatory components leading to the destruction of proteins collagen and elastin and photo-age. In addition, the bright snow reflects UV light and thus increases the intensity of the natural radiation.


It is recommended to choose skin care formulations that contain actives well known for their humectant and moisture preserving capabilities, for example hyaluronic acid; preferably enriched with ceramides and fatty acids to help repair and protect the layer of natural oils present in the hydro-lipid layer of the skin and prevent water loss.

Prevent oxidative damage

To help nourish skin and fight free radicals damage complement the skin care program with potent antioxidant vitamins – such as vitamins A, C and E. The application of topical vitamins will help prevent free radicals damage and also boost skin nourishment.


It is best to choose an SPF 50+ especially if you have sensitive skin or if you expect a prolonged exposure. Just like during the hot summer days on the beach, it is necessary to reapply throughout the day, at least twice a day and more if spending the entire day on the slopes. Regular use of a lip balm, preferably with SPF as well, will help avoid dry, chapped, blistered lips.