Tips for perfect skin this fall

With the end of summer, autumn slowly makes its way and with it colder weather with winds that can affect the epidermis and lead to a lack of suppleness. Due to the climate change and the changes in the environment the skin is more vulnerable to dryness with a rough and flaky texture lacking in elasticity and glow. As soon as autumn appears it is recommended to update the home care regimen and begin to actively correct and restore damage that was caused over the summer months from excessive and unprotected exposure to sun.

HL offers 5 tips that can mean the difference between healthy, flawless skin and dull, flaky skin this fall.


Moisture is essential for a balanced, healthy skin; if in the summer we suggest a lightweight formula during the cooler autumn months it's important to replenish daily with a rich moisturizer, not only the face but the body too. If needed, you can give a boost to the routine by adding a moisturizing and replenishing serum before the cream, this will supply the skin with the essential vitamins and antioxidants needed for a silky smooth and radiant texture.



To avoid unwanted TEWL and sensitivity as well as maintain the skin's optimal moisture it is important to preserve a healthy lipid barrier. Essential fatty acids, like those present in the VITALISE formulations, will help maintain a balanced skin barrier function for a strong, firm skin that will not be affected by harsh environmental factors such as low temperatures and cold winds.



Sunscreen is a daily essential from spring to winter. UVA radiation, primarily responsible for the appearance of photo-damage, is the one that penetrates the deepest all the way into the dermis, is present all year round. Unprotected exposure to UV rays leads to premature age signs, wrinkles, sagging skin, a dry texture and hyperpigmentation. To ensure a healthy, beautiful, flawless skin it is a must to apply sunscreen even in the fall. Opting for a multitasking formulation such as AGE DEFENSE CC CREAM will provide an all-in-one product including long lasting moisture, UV protection and a natural cover-up effect.


It is helpful to exfoliate regularly, with either professional grade formulations in-spa or with formulations that are suitable for at-home use. The peels will remove dead skin cells and debris, stimulate natural cellular renewal, refine texture and treat sun damage. Moreover, exfoliators are an effective method to increase skin's absorption of actives, increase natural moisture and bestow a soft, smooth and more uniform texture and tone. Formulations from the AT-HOME PEELS range will assist by stimulating cellular renewal, improve elasticity and hydration as well as balance, beautify and rejuvenate the complexion.   



Now it is time to update the daily home care routine adding products that offer active concentrations of AHAs, BHA and Retinol to repair and renew, such as the ALPHA-BETA. Moreover now is the best time to commence a series of corrective facials that will help repair sun damage and rejuvenate the skin. A professional facial will help improve dehydrated skin, restore skin's natural barrier function, improve skin tone and texture, soften the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores and stimulate skin's natural cellular renewal with the help of a cosmetic grade chemical peel. The synergy of a result-oriented facial alongside the customized daily home regimen offers the best results.