Why should you prefer professional cosmetics?

How effective off-the-shelf skin care products really are? 

The British Consumerism Magazine ‘which.co.uk.’ has published a report that claims that there is no difference between expensive and cheap eye creams which are sold in the retail chain stores – for all of them the effectiveness in reducing wrinkles around the eyes is very limited. The report is based on the research initiated by The British Consumerism Magazine, which examined the effectiveness of 12 eye contour creams, all belonging to well known brands, in diminishing wrinkles. The participants were women between the ages of 35-65, and used the products for 6 weeks. At the end of the trial five skin experts analyzed high resolution pictures of the skin around the eyes taken both before and at the end of the trial period in purpose to examine if there has been any visible improvement in the depth or length of the wrinkles. They concluded that none of the products tested was close to eliminating all together or at least reducing the wrinkles' appearance.

This is not the first research that has found limited effectiveness in off-the-shelf skin care products. A previous research that was done in 2006, tested hundreds of women between the ages of 30-70, that had used cosmetic products purchased in the beauty shops and department stores. The research concluded that the influence of those products is relatively minor. Moreover, the creams considered to be among the excellent ones succeeded to reduce only 10% of the wrinkles.

It is not a coincidence that both researches, which had received a lot of press on the internet and vigorous TV discussions in Britain and in the United States, arrived at the same conclusions. The majority of cosmetic products sold in department stores do not contain high concentrations of active ingredients. Which means that by the nature of their definition, off-the-shelf products can't bring about a change in the skin‘s appearance; this is just one of the differences between these cosmetic products and the professional cosmetic products sold through licensed beauty therapists.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should purchase professional cosmetic products:

High concentrations - professional products contain higher concentrations of those active ingredients which have been found effective in achieving the purpose of the product’s aim and therefore enable more effective results in less time. An example is HL's C THE SUCCESS CONCENTRATED VITAMIN C SERUM which contains among the highest concentrations of vitamin C today with over 17% pure vitamin C, was highlighted on the American TV network NBC as well in the international magazines Vogue and Elle, where it was recommended as one of the most effective topical skin care products. Other examples include the ALPHA COMPLEX and ALPHA-BETA WITH RETINOL product lines, both contain active concentrations of natural AHAs as well as BHA. 

Results oriented and purpose focused – in professional cosmetics there is a vast variety of products which are formulated for different skin conditions and skin types. HL has developed many products aimed at particular complexions and with the purpose of treating specific skin conditions such as: seborrhea, couperose, rosacea, acne, post acne, scars and more.

Relating to complexity of factors - with professional products you can customize the skincare regimen and match the treatment plan according to the client's individual parameters - age, skin condition, lifestyle and skincare goals. 

Synergism – the combination of products enables professionals to carry out more effective and result oriented treatments for various skin conditions. In order to provide long lasting solutions to diverse skin problems HL has developed comprehensive and complete product lines in order to achieve optimal effectiveness.

Marketing through licensed beauty therapists – when choosing off-the-shelf products, a wrong choice can cause skin problems, such as: cosmetic acne, inflammation, swelling and even accelerate skin aging. On the other hand, professional cosmetic products are marketed by certified aestheticians, in order to enable the optimal individualized match to the complexion following a thorough examination of the client’s skin, and with the proper guidance and instructions for the at home skin regimen. Only the certified professional has the knowledge and understanding of the key, active ingredients found in each product, what these components are meant to do, how to combine them for best results and who they are suitable for. A client interested in buying products is not obligated to undergo a treatment series unless they choose to do so, however, in many cases a professional treatment is recommended in order to achieve concrete results.

Particularly effective formulations for aestheticians – professional cosmetics includes a variety of products which are solely for the qualified aestheticians to be used at the clinic, following training in the application of the formulations as well as advanced working techniques.