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Skin rehab and renewal after exposure to summer-related damage

Sunlight plays a critical role in our health, including in synchronizing our biological clock and in the skin's ability to produce vitamin D. However, prolonged and cumulative exposure to sunlight UV radiation leads to long-term damage that plays a pivotal role in skin aging, including sunspots and pigmentation, wrinkles and laugh lines. After increased exposure to the sun, the fall months are ideal to care for the skin, rejuvenate and restore, and treat these effects through active ingredients that contribute to skin renewal and restoration. Thanks to growing research, recent effective treatments for the renewal and restoration of the facial skin have been developed.

Protecting the skin during ski holidays

When getting ready for the next ski vacation it is important to pack not only the ski equipment and warm clothes but also the skin care products that will help us maintain a healthy and beautiful complexion when on the slopes. The high altitude, low temperature, wind and sun all take a toll on the skin and it is important to keep in mind the 3 things essential for a beautiful complexion.

Causes of hyperpigmentation

The accumulated exposure to the sun’s radiation is the main cause for spots and hyperpigmentation, but how exactly are the spots formed and how are they treated?

Tips for the Proper Sunscreen Use

Protecting the Skin from the Sun’s Radiation correction

The ultraviolet (UV) rays constitute 5% of the sun’s radiation. The exposure to this radiation is essential for the production of vitamin D in our bodies, which is responsible for the proper function of numerous systems in the body and for the prevention of multiple diseases.