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Extreme Peel: An efficient and safe deep chemical peel

Exfoliating treatments are based on the peeling and dissolving of dead skin cells in the skin’s upper layers. As a result, dead skin cells are removed and make way for the growth of new and healthy skin cells.

Springtime challenges for our skin

Springtime challenges for our skin
Springtime poses complex challenges for our skin this is due to the extreme fluctuations in weather conditions. These seasonal transitions and the viruses that accompany them, as well as the blossoming of trees and plants which distribute their pollen, cause many people to suffer from hyper-sensitivity, dryness, itchiness, seborrhea, and redness of the skin. In addition, the fickle weather and the strong winds during this season dehydrate the skin and have a negative influence on its appearance and normal function.

Vitamin A – repairs skin damage and reduces wrinkles

In a study published in the medical journal Archives of Dermatology, it was found that creams containing Vitamin A can diminish fine lines.

Outside-in skin nutrition

Outside-in skin nutrition though application of topical vitamins.

Quick Beauty Treatments For The Wedding Season

The wedding season is already in full swing. For your skin to look its best on the day of the event, beforehand preparation and long-term treatment is essential. However, a dramatic improvement in appearance can also be achieved in the days leading up to the event.